DAN & OCEAN. are an Americana & Soul duo comprised of Dan DiMonte and Ocean Lorraine.  Two years after meeting at an audition in Torrance, California and embarking on 3 consecutive tours across the United States, the two decided to combine threads from their individual solo careers to craft a powerhouse blend of American Folk, Soul, Gospel, World Music, and Jazz Roots styles that connect people around the globe.  Spreading their own intrepid brand of “Come Up Music,” their mission centers on painting real-life portraits of companionship, healing, isolation, bravery, and strength in a troubled world.

Both highly-educated multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and producers, DAN & OCEAN. are a rare undeniable mix of tradition, immense talent, work ethic, and resilience that finds them standing out wherever they go.  A Chicago native, Dan has mastered the art of singing while playing guitar, flugelhorn, and keyboard simultaneously with spectacular results.  Ocean, an accomplished singing bassist, percussionist, and emcee with Louisiana roots from Los Angeles, brings their fresh once-in-a-generation chemistry together.

DiMonte's 6th studio album (released on October 4, 2019) The Coronado Kid, Pt. 1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features Ocean on two singles — the shimmering soul-anthem “Son of the Moon” and funky bass and horn rocker “Outside Cat."  The duo is now in the midst of a 12-week U.S. tour scheduled through December 2019.  Audiences can expect an authentic, sensual, and transcendent concert experience led by two of modern music’s most fascinating new voices.

it’s my day

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the coronado kid, Pt. 1




Chicago native Dan DiMonte is a rare talent in the San Diego music scene: undeniable virtuosity on trumpet, guitar, piano, bass, organ, and percussion — lyrics bursting with intention against a universal heartbeat — and a pure voice channeling mature emotions with pop-friendly appeal.

Far from occupying space in the ubiquitous “eclectic genre,” his music mirrors the true human experience we’ve been missing; Innovative “come up music” drawing from vivid memories and Midwest roots — filtered through a soulful Italian lens. Since landing in San Diego, DiMonte has written songs in collaboration with the San Diego Songwriter’s Group ( “Heart to Heart”), and performed on numerous local R&B, Folk, Jazz, and Indie Rock showcases.

DiMonte enjoys a unique dual career as a Performing Artist and Traveling Nurse; touring the U.S. extensively as a solo, duo, and trio act, and weighing in on medical politics as a guest R.N. on popular podcasts like Adrianne Behning's “Nursing Uncensored” in Iowa City. In five years, he has worked at hospitals in four states, directed and shot several music videos, and released 5 albums on his indie label, “Funky Night Nurse Sounds and Sights.”

Inspired by classic and contemporary R&B, folk storytelling, jazz, country, and Latin sounds, DiMonte’s latest release, “The Coronado Kid: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" was released on October 4th, 2019. Written and produced by Dan at his home in San Diego, the album immerses listeners in a series of jolting epiphanies, intriguing casual encounters, and disarmingly honest portraits of life; played out through a variety of sonic moods and impeccable production.

Combining forces with his partner Ocean, the Soul/Americana duo DAN & OCEAN. is currently touring across the United States with upcoming international performances in 2020. Expect passion, soothing energy, and endless possibilities from one of modern music’s most fascinating new voices.

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Dan DiMonte /// Vocals, Trumpet, Guitars, Keyboards, Basses, Percussion, Production




 Dan frequently appears on Adrianne Behning’s podcast “Nursing Uncensored.” Click the image above to listen to Dan’s episodes, or click here.


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